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Details It-Isnt-Space-Its-Warfare-Joint-Warfighting-Space-and-the-Command-and-Control-of-Deployable-Space-Forces

The Air Force has made great strides in integrating space effects into combat operations. However, the ongoing debate over command and control of deployable space forces has hampered development of theater command and control mechanisms and associated ...

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Details Space-Elevator-Systems-Architecture

An initial top-level view of a Space Elevator concept through space systems architecture and space systems engineering. A first step in an aggressive development program to build a Space Elevator.

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Details Exploring-Space-Exploring-Earth-New-Understanding-of-the-Earth-from-Space-Research

Exploring Space, Exploring Earth Account of the impact of space exploration on our understanding of the geology and geophysics of Earth. Full description

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Details Harmonic-Analysis-on-Symmetric-SpacesHigher-Rank-Spaces-Positive-Definite-Matrix-Space-and-Generalizations

This text is an introduction to harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces, focusing on advanced topics such as higher rank spaces, positive definite matrix space and generalizations. It is intended for beginning graduate students in mathematics or ...

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Details Introduction-to-the-Mechanics-of-Space-Robots-Space-Technology-Library-Band-26

Based on lecture notes on a space robotics course, this book offers a pedagogical introduction to the mechanics of space robots. After presenting an overview of the environments and conditions space robots have to work in, the author discusses a ...